Laid-Off From Office Job, This Woman Became Full-Time Artist

Despedida de su trabajo de oficina, esta mujer se convirtió en artista a tiempo completo

By Hoa Quach from Times of San Diego

Ocean Beach resident Alexx Bishop said she remembers her first job working as a cashier at a barbecue restaurant. The owner of the eatery fired the then-16-year-old after two months because Bishop spent much of her time “doodling” rather than working.

“I think you need to go be an artist,” the restaurant owner told Bishop.

A few years and a pandemic later, Bishop is doing just that.

Bishop, a native of Texas who moved to San Diego three years ago, said she was laid off from her sales job as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. Rather than dwell on the loss of her job, Bishop is spending her extra time doing what she loves best — repurposing old surfboards and turning them into masterpieces.

“Just before COVID-19 hit in March, I had put it out to the Ocean Beach community that I was looking for old, beat up surfboards no one wanted anymore to see if I could turn it into artwork,” Bishop said. “I had a few people respond and went to pick up the boards. They were dirty, cracked, broken, had lots of wax, and were in bad condition.”

Alexx Bishop works on a surfboard in Ocean Beach. Courtesy photo from Times of San Diego

The first art piece she made was inspired by an Australian surfboard artist.

“Once I posted (the finished artwork) on my Instagram page, I instantly got a commission from someone who lived in Arizona who frequented Ocean Beach’s Dog Beach and wanted to commemorate her time spent there,” Bishop said. “Once I had these two completed, I posted the finished products in an all-female travel group on Facebook and it completely took off. It was perfect timing for the response to be so huge, because I was officially let go from my 9-5 in June.” (Continue reading on the author’s site here or read the full Spanish translation by Plural here.)

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